Motion Impossible Mantis

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Motion Impossible Mantis
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The M-Studio is the base vehicle that you’ll need for slower speeds up to 6mph. With smooth slow speed control, it’s ideally suited to studio conditions, however, the Studio is also a 4×4 all-terrain chassis and therefore equally at home with outside location filming.

  • Suits high level V-Con XL & 360˚ EVO
  • Typical runtimes of over 3 hrs*
  • Modular mounting rails to fit our range of stabilisers
  • Compact footprint (80cm x 54cm)
  • Quiet electric motor system
  • 4wd all-terrain vehicle
  • Tuneable chassis to suit different terrains and payloads
  • Comes ready to run with controller, batteries, charger, tools and tuning springs
  • Powered by high capacity Lithium Polymer batteries (IATA compliant, under 100Wh)
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